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Shortly after the opening of the Wayfinder Server (8/17/2011) some german speaking players from different servers (orien, Thelanis) startet anew on the then purely german speaking server. There had been the possibility to transfer a toon from a different server but these special players decided to start completely from scratch.

Soon they found themselfs on the snowy side of Korthos, with the whole experience from a longer playing exposure but with few XP and a whole new world to develop.

A whole lot of players were already playing on Wayfinder but on contrast to other servers nobody was throwing around guild invites, nobody cared a dime for new players on a then very sparsely populated server. So these players playing together for some time finally decided to join into one guild to improve their gaming experience. These players were Eishand, Titus and Hyazinth. They were the founding parents of Haus Feuerfuchs. Titus was the promotor, being a VIP and having one guild charter for free.

The name originally derived from the name of Titus Feuerfuchs, a character from a play from the Austrian play-writer Nestroy. The name was more often than not associated with the Firefox browser the guild officially recommends for using.

The guild was founded to be a fun, open-to-all guild w/o too much of the usual requirements guild had at that times on other servers. No compulsory activity time, no extra costs for anything, no force, no big differences between members. So several rules were established:

The one golden guild rule: Have Fun!

The administration rules: All active players within the last month are to be officers. Officer because we do want any member to have the same rights on the same level as her or his guild mates. All other active members from within the last half year are to remain on membership status. After one half of a year without activity any member not online any more gets booted.

After the guild was able to add the guild chest, some more rules applied. Guild Chest rules:
1.) If you need something out of the chest - take it.
2.) If you have plenty and want to share - put into the chest.
3.) Never ever put things into the chest you might miss later.
4.) From time to time the chest gets cleared and all the items that are inside at that time get sold or actioneered for rebuffs.

Since this cuased much grief and troubles in the past: If any bags of storage are put into the guild chest, complete with collectables or ingrediences, please leave the bags inside the chest after picking out the content of the bags. These bags are ment for improved storing of said collectables and ingrediences. The content of the bags may be taken freely.

Up until guild lv. 68 the guild refrained from power recruiting. That does not mean the guild to be closed, on the contrary. Every member wanting to join was and still is absolutely welcome. But most members until then did not want to have a guild artificially inflated by secondary toons and favor runners, as was common on Wayfinder before the server was opened to the international public (and the exclusively german dedication was officially abandoned). Now with the Wayfinder server ever growing, Haus Feuerfuchs officially took the second name "House Firefox" and started to actively recruit.

Until guild level 68 the guild did not even have a guild homepage. With our late player Joeee this changed. Joeee initiated much and it is a sad thing he left us for hopefully greener pastures. He will be remembered as one of the great members and there will be a way back for him anytime.

The homepage then got redone and reconstructed by Lanhelin, who still is our webmaster.

Honor to who honor deserves: Joee and Lanhelin.


The guild still is a laizes-faire guild w/o requirements, compulsory TS3 channel or required homepage registration. Homepage registration however is recommended. We welcome all classes and races, all cultures and meanwhile all languages. Welcome to all playstyles, casual as well as power gaming. We are no raid guild, if the guild members organize raids, this is on private initiative only. Raiding with the guild is well liked by fellow members and the leadership team and the founders, though. Members are free to share groups with other members and good manners dictate to at least ask fellow guildies for grouping before filling up by LFM. But we accept soloists as well.

Since there had been troubles with the guild chest in the past: We expect all members to behave as family. we expect all members to respect their fellow members. So if any member tells all guildies available that for a short time items in the chest are off limits, we expect fellow guildies to leave these items in the chest. If items are put into the chest, we expect our guildies only to take out what they need for themselvs. Cleaning out the guild chest w/o telling to the guild first (usually by altering the guild message of the day for at least some hours) is bad style. Even worse: cleaning the chest and then leaving the guild is theft and in the past this already got punished by GMs - they banned said player.
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List of honorable mentions for late members. We will remember!

Brindijin - master of crafting, we miss you.
Ywerd - best man playing always, keep up your good work at Superiority Complex.
Joeee - for pushing forward a sleepy guild. You always will have a home waiting.
Bananii and Ruger - we still miss you, you had been the first to join the founders.
Gewalthaufen and Serto - masters of zerging. Lords of Dust are waiting for you!
Thuthghul - best Necromancer. Missing in Poland. If you ever come back you would generate a lot of happy people all over the guild!
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