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There is an interesting thread on the New Players Forums on created by EllisDee37: Utilities Thread

And if you want to take a look at Epic Destinies, try the destiny planner.

If you know about any other useful thing, but it's not in the listing yet, please add it to your reply!

1. Unbound items (sellable in the Auctionhouse) that you like and that randomly get damaged when repaired, you can make bound to Character (no repair dmg anymore) by using the unequipped item + 400 Khyber Dragon Shards in the Stone of Change. There's a Stone of Change in the Marketplace next to the Bank and on our Guild Ship. Just put the item and your stack of Shards in the Stone, the 400 pieces will be subtracted automatically.

2. Every Character on every Server gets one free Lesser Reincarnation. Go to House Jorasco and talk to Kruz if you want to LR. When you LR, you can change taken feats and skill points, choose additional spells (Wiz/Arti only), but you are limited to the Class Levels you took before.

3. Every Character on every Server gets one free feat swap after completing the Dragonmark quest in the Marketplace. Go to House Jorasco and talk to Fred, the Mindflayer, if you wish to swap a feat.

4. There are weekly free items in the DDO shop you can order. Take a look at for the weekly sales and the free example. Back ingame open the shop with ctrl+S, search the free item and enter the code you saw on the website. The item(s) will be delivered instantly to your inventory without having to pay Turbine Points.

5. If you plan to multiclass a Rogue, make sure to take Rogue at Level 1 for the max amount of skill points. Then try to push your favor for the Free Agents, because they sell Rogue tools up to +5 (400 favor) in their faction shop.

6. Hirelings as Clerics with skills that consume charges like Divine Vitality, will refresh their charges when they are resummoned again. This can happen every 5 Minutes. Platinum Hirelings can be resummoned at the entrance area only, Gold Seal Hirelings everywhere in the dungeon/wilderness.

7. Every Rogue Hireling can search and disable trap boxes, unfortunately they are purchaseable for Astral Shards only.

8. There is a very small chance to get Astral Shards in the Daily Dice, when you roll on Currency. Other, some completed achievements in the Monster Manual will give you AS too (click on the achievement).

9. When you lock your Hotbars (Main Menue - Options - UI Settings - second option on top) there is a lock symbol on the left side of the active bar (to which the hotkeys 1,2,3, ... apply). Press ctrl+"Number of the bar" to change the active bar. To see the number of the bars, you have to unlock them again.

10. There is a global chat channel called Wayfinder. You can read and post there regardless in which area/dungeon/Eberron or Forgotten Realms you are actually in. Simply type /joinchannel Wayfinder in your chat field, and define the UserChatChannel 1 as the channel where messages should be sent if you want to write something (rightclick on the Name of the Chatwindow to edit there).

11. Druid Companions (Wolf) and Artificer Companions (Iron Defender) can wear Collars as Weapons and Docents (Dog) or Light/Medium Armor (Wolf). Collars you get as quest end rewards or you can convert Handwraps. To convert Handwraps you need to go to the Harbor and use the device station. Put the Handwraps in and either greater elemental essences or the trap-pieces a min Level 4 Rogue/Artificer can get from disabled trap boxes, which are used for trapmaking too.

12. In the UI-Settings you can change the color of other player's names and guild names shown above the toons. The default dark blue is hard to read.

13. If you can afford it, buy the Starterpack in the shop, because every first character on every server you create or log on then gets a bound to Account permanent Hireling. It's Level 3 only, but has the Divine Vitality skill, which means 150 to 200 SP every 5 minutes. A great help for SP based classes.

14. You can get more inventory bags by raising favor for the Coin Lords (at 150 favor you need to find a Collapsed Portable Hole and 10k platinum to get the second more bag).

15. You can get more bank space bags by raising favor for House Kundarak. They all cost platinum, but not that much (prices are told in Gold, not Platinum).

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